If you, like me, enjoy keeping up with the latest in the SEO and search engine world, you know that Google doesn’t share much. Often we are all left guessing about how Google works. Through testing (and guessing) we’ve been able to figure out quiet a bit. URL structure is another one of those things that we just haven’t know much about.

I have some good news today though!

My friend’s at Search Engine Journal shared that Google’s John Mueller was recently interviewed and shared insight on the topic of URL structure. Below is the answer to a long term, very popular question that many of us have asked.

Is URL Structure Important For SEO?

The short answer, not really. Google’s John Mueller recently shared that the number of slashes in a URL does not matter to Google. What does matter is how many clicks it takes to reach the page you’re wanting to rank from your home page. If it takes one click to get to a page from the home page, then Google would consider the page more important than pages that take many clicks.

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As you are structuring your website and making changes, keep what Mueller mentioned in mind. Make sure that pages that you want to rank high in Google are 1 or 2 clicks away from the home page. Don’t place them deep into your site and hard to find unless clicking on them directly.

By making this change, you’ll begin seeing content rank higher on Google!