We’re all looking for ways to grow our traffic and convert more sales. (That’s what business is all about!) Well, Neil Patel (The world’s top marketer/SEO expert) recently shared a blog post containing 28 hacks for growing your traffic and sales. I found extremely helpful, so much so that I wanted to share the best parts with you.

In his post, Neil talked about how we need to be sharing our content over and over again. He’s 100% right. We should all be doing this. It will help you drive additional traffic and sales. Here is what Neil said on this topic:

You spend all of this time writing content, but then you spend very little time promoting it.

What most people do is write content and then share it on all of their social profiles. A few people send out email blasts notifying people about their content, which you should also do.

But if you want to double your social traffic, what I do is share the same piece of content 6 times throughout the next 12 months. In other words, retweet that content 6 times. Share the same post on LinkedIn a few times over the next 12 months.

As for Facebook, sharing the same URL over and over again doesn’t work, but the other social networks are fine with this.

This one simple hack has doubled the amount of traffic I get from social sites on a monthly basis. Best of all, no one really complains as the majority of your social connects won’t see the content the first time you post it.

 – Neil Patel (From his post: https://neilpatel.com/blog/marketing-hacks)

This is so simple and it’s something we don’t do. We take all of the time in the world to perfect the perfect blog post or piece of copy – then we share it once. I know I’m going to begin sharing my content more! I’m proud of what I’ve written and want the world to see and read it. You should feel the same way about what you’ve created.