I’m sure you’re reading this because you want more clicks on your content. I know that’s why I originally visited HubSpot’s post on this topic. I learned a lot. The 7 main points are very effective. I’ve seen great results from them. So, I wanted to share them here, with you!

7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Content

Here are the 7 things mentioned in HubSpot’s blog post. But first, be sure to check out one of my posts on this topic, 3 Steps for Getting More Visitors to Your Blog. I believe it will add a lot of value and complement HubSpot’s post.

  1. Leverage the “Curiosity Gap”
  2. Apply the “Scarcity Principle”
  3. Use Numbers
  4. Share Something Surprising
  5. Ask a Question
  6. Promise Value
  7. Help your Audience Self-Identify

Implementing even 1 of these 7 points will drive additional traffic to your website. Get ready to earn more clicks on your content than ever before!