Two young entrepreneurs Max Abreu, and Garland Sullivan started an Amazon 3rd party seller business while they were still attending college on a swimming scholarship. They immediately began succeeding. Within three years, they went from broke college students to 8 figure business owners through Amazon.


How Max Abreu and Garland Sullivan Went From Broke College Students to 8 Figure Business Owners Through Amazon



When I asked Max and Garland if they thought their business would grow that fast, they said yes. ? Both of these guys saw the potential.

I wanted to interview Max Abreu and Garland Sullivan on the Creating a Brand Podcast because they know what it takes to scale a business and quickly create a brand/new product.

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This episode is very inspiring. It’s full of wisdom and ideas on how to quickly grow your brand/product or company.

If you’re interested in becoming a 3rd party Amazon seller, ? or if you’re interested in learning about what to do when your business starts growing exponentially this episode is for you!

About Max Abreu and Garland Sullivan:

Max and Garland are two entrepreneurs that you’ve likely purchased from if you’ve used Amazon Prime. If you’re interested in working with them or selling on Amazon, visit to get in contact with Max and Garland.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Seller Systems –  A helpful Amazon consulting community and courses to teach you to succeed on Amazon.