Have you ever visited a cool website? I’m not talking about the product or service they provide. I’m talking about the actual website itself. I know I’ve visited some websites that have a lot of cool tools and features on it – it always left me wondering, what are they using to do that?

Well, that’s a question that I no longer need to ask myself; and neither do you!

Check out this free tool called BuiltWith. It tells you what technology websites have been created using and what plugins and tools they have installed.

BuiltWith is very helpful. It has already helped me locate some additional tools that we are going to be using on our website.

I wanted to share this with you because I’m sure you have said the same thing I have before, “How did they do that on this website?”

Thankfully, we never have to ask that again. 🙂

Click here to use BuiltWith