Format For An Ideal Podcast Review

The review you leave does not need to be 5-stars. But remember that we are all creators doing our best to serve the world. Everyone is reaching a different group, so don’t be overly critical. As you listen to one of their episodes before leaving a review, think about it from the perspective of their ideal listeners, and review it that way.

Recommended Review Format:

  • Talk about what you like first.
  • Next, what you think could make it even better. (Share this in a nice way)
  • Lastly, something nice about the host. (Be an encouragement!)

Example review:
“I really like how the episodes are quick, straight to the point, and heavy on the information side of things! One thing I would love to see in future episodes that would make it even better would be to ask your guests to share more stories, not just facts and information. Thanks for hosting this podcast, Alex! You’ve done some great work serving people here.”