A couple of months ago I shared a post on Facebook. I was really excited about this particular post; and I thought it would get quite the reaction! But that’s not what happened at all… Actually, I received a few random likes on my post, and they weren’t even people that I consider close friends.

It sucks that Facebook decides what your friends get to see from you.

The truth is, Facebook has gotten pretty strict about who sees what. Although Facebook is “free” it really isn’t. If you want all of your friends to see something that you post, it would cost hundreds, potentially even thousands of dollars.

So, what is the solution? Unfortunately, there isn’t anything that we can directly do. But, these Facebook hacks certainly will help you reach more people.

The first thing I have to share is the ultimate truth about Facebook:

Facebook is a huge fan of Facebook.

You read that right. Facebook is a huge fan of Facebook. Anything that you share that benefits Facebook (or fits into their agenda) is going to reach more people. Sounds unfair right? Well, the courts agree with you!

All Facebook hacks come from this one ultimate truth: You have to find a way for your content to benefit Facebook. From there, it’s all about creativity.

Here are some creative Facebook hacks:

#1. “Hide” External Links
If you share a post on Facebook that has an external link, from your blog, Facebook automatically restricts the post so less people see it. Why? Because Facebook doesn’t want people to leave Facebook. A very simple fix for this is to create your Facebook post with no link then share the link in a comment on your actual post. You can even say something like “See link in comment!” in your post.

#2. Utilize New Facebook Features
When Facebook releases new features, they modify their algorithm to allow more people to see the new features activity. An example of this would be the new feature called “Explore Feed”. If you share something that is in the explore feed to your wall, more people will see it then if you just go find the same article yourself and share it straight from the web.

#3. “Sell” Something
When the marketplace was first open on Facebook, I posted something in it. More friends (in person) commented on the fact that they saw what I was selling. HOW? It was new, so Facebook wanted other people to see it and use it – it would cause quicker traction.

#4. Share Videos / Images Directly from Facebook
Don’t share your videos from YouTube, or your website, upload them directly to Facebook.

The greatest Facebook hacks in existence all involve individual creativity. Be creative!