First off, Mark Twain needed a blow-dryer, brush and some product for that hair. Anyway. I love this quote that he shared:

There are two types of speakers: Those who get nervous and those who are liars.

Mark was 100% right with this quote! ?

I now have a love/hate relationship with public speaking. I love it because it adds value to other people, but it freaks me out every time.

You may be asking, “Alex, why do you keep on speaking?”

It goes back to the reason that I just mentioned about loving public speaking. I continue speaking because it adds value to other people. I’ll never stop!

Now I’m going to challenge you… If you aren’t currently speaking but have a message that would add value. It’s time to start!

Did your heart rate just elevate? Mine did the first time I realized I needed to speak.

I have 3 points to share with you:

#1. Get comfortable speaking. ?

“The more you speak the more you speak.” Alecia Sanfilippo laughed out loud when she heard this quote. It may sound silly, but it’s true. The most you speak, the better you’ll get at speaking. As a result, the more value you will be able to add to the lives of others (Which is the ultimate goal!)

#2. Do it for them, not for you.

Every time I step onto a stage, the first thing I remind myself of is that what I am doing is NOT for me. It is for the audience. That takes all the pressure off of me to perform. Then, it becomes about them instead of myself. (This helps me more than anything!)

#3. Hone your craft.

We always have to be improving. During season 2 of the Creating a Brand Podcast, I recorded with the greatest pubic speaker I know, Clay Baird. Listen to this episode, it will help you: 13 Game-Changing Public Speaking Tips from Clay Baird


If you’re ready to overcome your fear of speaking or want to get your name out there more, the time is now. The Creating a Brand Podcast episode below contains everything you need to get started today.

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