Doing less so you can accomplish more doesn’t sound right, does it? Don’t you have to do more to accomplish more? Despite popular belief, the less you do the more you can actually accomplish. In this episode of the Creating a Brand Podcast, Alex Sanfilippo interviews Apple Crider.

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Doing Less so You Can Accomplish More with Apple Crider

Apple is a 20-year-old entrepreneur with a top 100 podcast called Young Smart Money. (Fitting name, right? ? ) On his podcast, he interviews guests about stories & Struggles of Successful 6, 7, & 8 Figure Online Entrepreneurs.

In less than one-year he achieved the top 100 podcast status. How did he do it? By doing less instead of more.

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In this episode, Apple Crider shares the keys to his business success. He talks about how he narrowed his focus down from 26 things to just three. By doing this, he was able to accomplish more than he ever imagined.

About Apple Crider:
Apple Crider is a young successful entrepreneur. He is the host of the Young Smart Money podcast. He is the co-founder of He’s someone that’s just getting started. (Keep your eye on him!) ?

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

What can you start doing less of that will cause you to succeed more?