Discovering your voice as a creator is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself and for your business. This episode explores with Dan Cumberland how to find your voice and to grow in it.

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Dan Cumberland on Discovering Your Voice:

Dan Cumberland shows us that discovering your voice is an action, it’s not something that is done once and it’s done, but it happens every time you go to create something. It is a perpetual act of choosing to believe that you have something that people need and want to hear.

? Does it matter to find your voice, or should you just press through?

You only find your voice by using it. You cannot analyze your way to find your voice. It’s done by creating. You find your voice every time you sit down to create, but in order to put words to it or name it, you have to look back in retrospect on what you’ve created to see what your body of work tells you.

It’s not about pleasing anyone or creating for anyone else, It’s more about who you are in the world and how you want to show up. You have to be willing to be transparent about who you are where you are at the time.

“When you find your voice, you don’t find something new inside of you. Instead, you find a little more of you.”

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Practical steps to discover your voice:

1. If you feel stuck and you don’t know what you have to say. Ask, why is that❓ Who or what is telling you that what you have to say doesn’t matter? Brain dump and write it all out. Feel the freedom to name names and get it out. Then go back and think about each one and what happened.

2. Start telling those stories, write them out in story format. If you’ve never spoken to anyone about this stuff, you may want to start talking to someone about it. You cannot change your past, but you can begin to find new meaning in them. This is the beginning step to silence the nay-sayers.

Think about who in your day to day life is encouraging you and helping you feel stronger and more confident and more of who you are. Who is possibly chipping away at your confidence or tearing you down? How can you amplify the ➕ positive people in your life and how can you diminish or quiet the voice of the critics?


3. You only find your voice by using it. You find your voice by creating and your work is to keep creating despite the voices that tell you otherwise. Have the strength and courage to create despite all of the critics

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Is your perspective of your voice that you’re discovering positive or negative?