Discovering purpose and meaning for your life relates to your brand more than you may think. Many people have no idea where to begin and I’ll admit, this is a topic that often-entire books cannot even capture. Today we learn from Sho. He is a man who truly lives a life of meaning and walks in his purpose.

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Discovering Purpose and Meaning for Your Life with Sho:

Sho shares his wisdom on purpose and meaning, here is his conversation with Alex.

What is purpose?

Discovering what gives you a sense of meaning. ? In the book Drive by Dan Pink, he talks about 3 things that are important to find fulfillment in what you do: Autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Purpose is key because it is what wakes you up every morning and even on the worst of days it will remind you why you should keep pressing on.

Are passion and purpose the same thing?

No, following your passion is not the same as your purpose. Passion can be a part of your purpose but it is not necessarily what gives you the drive and direction towards what your actual purpose is or give you a sense of meaning.
The key thing to discovering your purpose is finding something that deep within you really connects to something outside in the world around you. Ultimately you don’t discover purpose and meaning and find fulfillment by just being alone it has to do with the service of people or interaction with people. The thing that stays with us through our life and helps us to find purpose is our gifts and skills. It gives you a strong clue in terms of where you should be headed. ?

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Do you believe that most people are walking in their purpose and don’t recognize it or is it something that you have to intentionally go after? ?

People might be on their journey to doing something that is really meaningful to them. You have to ask yourself not only what do I do well but also what can I do that would benefit others. There is something about watching people being transformed that gives you fulfillment. How does this skill turn meaningful by helping people?

“There is something about giving to others that really brings a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to yourself.”

What is the correlation between our purpose and our environment?

You are a product of your environment; you need to choose your environment very wisely.  It is said that you are the average of the five people you hang out with the most. Your relationships are also very important. ???

Sho’s final thought:

Your purpose will be a combination of things that you do by calculation and by serendipity. Certain things will be by chance and others will be very calculated and planned. You have to stay open to what may happen by serendipity and what you didn’t plan for. This will really help you discover things that you never imagined before. You have to make space to not be busy and planned. Sometimes you have to say yes to things instead of saying no and focusing on what you planned.

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What’s your next practical action step to take in order to begin living out your purpose?