In today’s world, everyone is their own brand. From CEO’s to students fresh out of school, if you know what your brand is, you can give yourself an advantage in the workplace and life.

How Amy West defines the meaning of “You are the Brand”

In this episode of the Creating a Brand Podcast, Alex Sanfilippo interviews Amy West about the meaning behind “you are the brand.” In this episode, they dive deep into why it’s no longer enough to have a great product or service; it has to go past that in today’s world.

Amy West shares her practical success and steps for defining yourself as the brand for your business and life. Amy also shares tips for how we can identify what our brand is and hone in on your craft. ? We’re very thankful for Amy West being so transparent with us about her life and her journey. It’s very encouraging and she’s full of wisdom!

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This episode contains a very insightful interview full of practical steps for defining the meaning of “you are the brand.” You’re going to walk away from listening to this episode with great ideas for how you can further grow and develop your brand, product, and life!

About Amy West:

Amy is an accomplished Travel expert; she’s been on Fox and Cheddar news she’s also the CEO of The Hive Society ?, a very successful influencer network that is redefining the meaning behind influencer marketing. You can learn more about Amy on her website at

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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