Do you want to create an exceptional life of success? John Mitchell’s scientifically proven 12-minute-a-day mental technique will improve your outcomes in life and business.

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Creating an Exceptional Life of Success:

In this episode, we are discussing John Mitchell’s 12 minute a day methodology that was featured in Time Magazine and has helped many people who were making 6 figures a year begin to make 7 figures a year! First, let’s discuss who John Mitchell is.

What led you to where you are today?

I started as a CPA. But at 50 I wanted to hit to goals of making enough money to not work and to find the woman of my dreams. Three days after my 50th birthday I realized that if I didn’t make over 1 million dollars a year, the lifestyle that I wanted would never be accomplished.

A few months later, I decided to read the top book in the world on success and achievement ever written. Then apply that book word for word to my life. “Think and Grow Rich” by napoleon hill was the book. This is the top book on success by a factor of more than 10! The books central concept has created more millionaires and billionaires than any other book on the planet.

The central concept is “what you envision in detail on a daily basis is what shows up in your life”.  ?
I saw that this was a great idea, but I had no way to practically apply that to my life. I needed to create a practical application. This is where the 12 minute a day technique came from.

I tweaked this technique over the next 9 years. My income went from low 6 figures a year to over 5 million dollars a year. It was a 20-time increase over what I had made over the last 20 years. I also met the goal of finding the woman of my dreams during this time. Next, I sold my business and then began to teach this technique.

Did you know during your 6-figure time as an entrepreneur did you know that you wanted to make over a million dollars a year? ?

I did not have a monetary number in mind until I got to 50. Before that, I was just thinking that I wanted to have freedom and have enough money to not have to work. At 50 I did the math and realized that I needed to be making more than a million dollars a year.

I realized I was living the average life and I knew that was not what I wanted for my life. The average life is ugly. 2/3 of the people are obese or seriously overweight, 63% of the people in the USA don’t have $500 in their savings. I was a little above that, but I still had an average life, and the older I got the more frustrating that became.

As each year passes the scarcity of time will affect you and it will become a crisis mode like it did to me at 50.

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“What you envision in detail on a daily basis is what shows up in your life.”

What this really means is step back from your life and create immense clarity and intention about your life. Meaning: who do you want to be? What exactly do you want to accomplish? And precisely how are you going to achieve your clearly defined goals?

This takes time and effort to get this level of clarity but once you do you feed it to yourself every day for our 12 minute methodology and after 21 days the science kicks in and what you are feeding to yourself starts showing up in your thoughts and actions automatically without thinking and once you see this happen, it is a whole new ball game once you see the power of that!

Reflect and ask yourself “am I making progress?” Accept the fact that influencing your daily mindset on a daily basis will lead to the results that you desire.

The science behind this methodology: If you want to lose weight the decision to lose weight is made by your conscious mind based on logic but the reason people aren’t losing weight isn’t because of the lack of intention its lack of influencing their daily thoughts and actions around food and exercising and that part of the brain is only influenced by repetition not by logic at all.

Once you realize that what determines your success is the accumulative effect of your daily actions which are driven by your thoughts then that is what you have to effect to create an exceptional life of success. ?


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