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What is the Creating a Brand Community?

We are a completely custom social media platform, not just another Facebook group. (You're welcome!) Our platform is full of entrepreneurs, business owners, and people who want to succeed in life. The Creating a Brand community is your digital tribe/mastermind. The entire focus of this community is to help you grow your brand without wasting time or money.

Custom social media platform for like-minded brand creators.

We use a state-of-the-art custom social media platform designed to drive results and accuracy. No advertisements, no throttling posts, all buff no fluff! It’s a complete game changer in the world of social media.

Our social media platform has both desktop and mobile versions available.

PLEASE NOTE: New content is added hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. We are an active community with everyone sharing and helping. Don’t worry! You won’t see everything – You only receive notifications when you subscribe to a topic or post. That’s what makes this social media platform so powerful; it’s designed to help you individually.

** Demo video displayed does not contain actual content from within our community.

The Creating a Brand Community Podcasting Course

Online Courses

We're devoted to offering relevant online courses to our community. As technology advances, we create courses to keep our community informed.

The Creating a Brand Community Chat Feature

Built In Messaging

We want our community to network and make strong connections to grow their brands. We desire to see business partnerships happen within our community.

Educational Blog Posts

We share content that helps you plan for the future of business, how to utilize tools to grow your business and general business development practices.

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Powerful Community

At the core of the Creating a Brand Community, the most important element is powerful community. That is what we're all about. This platform helps facilitate the culture we're creating.

Community drives growth, growth will lead you to succeeding faster. This is what we're all about and why the Creating a Brand Community was created.

How the Creating a Brand Community Will Help You

Becoming a member is like hiring a group of entrepreneurs to help you create and grow your brand. (Without spending a fortune to make it happen.) Members help each other by sharing their experience, tools, and feedback.


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This community is right for you if you want to…

create/grow, a personal or professional brand.

further develop your skills and ability to build your business.

gain access to more helpful resources, tools, and discounted products.

collaborate and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

join the family/community that are working together to get things done.

learn about the following topics: Starting a Business, Brick & Mortar, Business Basics, Content Creation, Design, Marketing, Multimedia, Personal Development, SEO, Social Media.

The Creating a Brand Community is for people who are doing just that, creating a brand. If you’re working on building a brick-and-mortar, a digital agency, launching a product or even a personal brand; you’ll feel at home in this community.

The Creating a Brand Podcast Icon

If you enjoy the Creating a Brand Podcast, then this group is for you.
Here are some recent noteworthy episodes:

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Membership Pricing

When you become an ambassador (yearly) or a member (monthly) you receive 100% access to all of our products and services. NOTE: As the community grows, we will increase the price. But, if you join now at the lower rate, we'll never charge you more.

3 Day Trial

FREE Check out the platform on us for free!
  • Temporary Social Network Access
  • Preview Premium Courses
  • Register for Live Events
  • Upgrade Option Available

Yearly Ambassador

$239.99 Saves you $10.00 per month! Value
  • Eligible for the Ambassador Program
  • Product Release/Creation Options
  • Part of the Inner Circle Group
  • All Monthly Member Features

Monthly Member

$29.99 Per Month, AUD Inlc GST.
  • Access to Social Network
  • Unlimited Premium Courses
  • 3rd Part Exclusive Discounts
  • Help/Support/Coaching Included

The Creating a Brand Community costs less than a single business conference but offers an equal value on an ongoing basis.

What's Included with Your Membership

You Get 100% (Everything)

You'll have full access to our community on our custom social media platform and all of the members within it. (This is worth it on it's own.) But with your membership you will receive everything we have to offer. There is no surprise upsell or additional products. You have access to it all. Creating a Brand has no other product, just this community and we give everything to our tribe!

Exclusive Bonuses

Communicate with the guests from the Creating a Brand Podcast. Plus receive additional interview material content from every guest! And if that's not enough for you, you also have unlimited access to Alex Sanfilippo and Amy West. (Consider them your coaches!) Lastly, any company that offers us a discounted service, we'll pass on to members of the Creating a Brand Community.

Courses, Posts, Events

We are consistently adding relevant online courses. We also host webinars, live video events, Q&As and workshops. Along with an ongoing chatroom. As Alex Sanfilippo and Amy West travel, they'll be hosting local events near you and other members. Lastly, when attending big conferences, members of the Creating a Brand Community will hang out together. We truly are a tribe!

Noteworthy Blog Posts

New blog posts are shared weekly within the community. Here are some noteworthy posts we've made public.

Free Online Courses

Within the community we are always adding new online courses that our members request. We've made some available for you, outside of the community!

Free course for launching a podcast
free course for launching a wordpress blog

The Creating a Brand Community is the most affordable way to be part of a group that will help you grow your business. This community will cause you to succeed faster.

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What makes this community unique and valuable?

We’ve not found anything else like the Creating a Brand Community.

Traditional mastermind groups cost upwards of $1,000.00 yearly. (We’ve seen some exceed the $10,000.00!) Meetup groups are inconsistent and don’t work around your schedule. Business coaching, while effective, is too expensive for many of us to afford.

Member Testimonials

The Creating a Brand Community has helped many people and brands. Here are some recently testimonials from our members.

Creating a Brand Community Testimonial from Charles Hamrick from PGA Tour

“Great resource and amazing place for help! I know you will be thankful you found this community. This TEAM has all the experience you need to succeed.”

Charles Hamrick

Tournament Sales, PGA Tour


Creating a Brand Community Testimonial from Doug Crescimanno from Keller Williams
“Full of great teachers and wonderful friends. The community is very patient and is very easy to work with. This is exactly what I needed.”
Doug Crescimanno

Real Estate Investor and Realtor at Keller Williams


Creating a Brand Community Testimonial from Kevin Gamble from Suddath
“Incredible content. Built by a visionary whose purpose and motivation is to help others achieve their goals”
Kevin Gamble

Logistics Manager, Suddath


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Note from Alex Sanfilippo, CEO of the Creating a Brand Community:

Many of us waste time and money while growing our brands. I know I did, even though I was trying to do the opposite. I spent money that I didn’t need to spend and wasted time that I didn’t need to waste. All because I wasn’t sure where, or even how to start or what to do next. As you can tell, I was confused and felt alone on my journey.

Over time, I was able to learn, gain traction and grow my businesses. I became a success. (Certainly not overnight.)

At this point, I became passionate to help others. I didn’t want people to struggle as I did. I began a business coaching agency and was able to help many people. However, it still didn’t feel right. I couldn’t help as many people as I wanted (there is only so many hours in the day) and other people who needed my help the most couldn’t afford it.

Then one day, I had an idea! It was an idea that I knew would help a lot of people succeed.

I launched the Creating a Brand Community! I launched this community because I want you to succeed quicker than I did.

Whether you’re just getting started or have an established brand, the Creating a Brand Community is full of like-minded entrepreneurs. We are a community that is passionate about helping you succeed on your journey.

The heart behind the Creating a Brand community is to become your primary resource for growing your business. At the same time, we want it to feel like a family/tribe. You’re not alone in what you’re creating, and you should never feel that way. Our community will help you focus on what matters, expanding your reach and create a more profitable brand. Your brand succeeding is our ultimate goal.



I’m looking forward to meeting you inside of the community,

Alex Sanfilippo
CEO of


If you made it this far, you must be interested in joining the Creating a Brand Community. And just in case we haven't made it clear from the start, we'd love to have you!

or feel free to contact us to learn more.