As the final edits are happening to each episode of the first season of the Creating a Brand Podcast, we’ve been getting everything ramped up and ready for the big launch!

It was a busy week; here’s what we’ve been up to:

#1. Becoming a Successful Blogger Workshop

“Content is king. But that isn’t enough to increase leadership anymore. You must prove that your content is worth clicking on. Earning that click can only be done through a combination of a featured image, stops the person from scrolling past your content, and a compelling title, which is what actually earns the click.”

The quote above is an excerpt from a workshop that I’m honored to have been the speaker at. I was hosted by The Hive Society in Jax Beach, FL. The workshop was titled Becoming a Successful Blogger.


Alex Sanfilippo after speaking at a blogging workshop

Alex Sanfilippo after speaking at a blogging workshop.

Upset that you missed it? No worries. We’re launching it as an online course in the Creating a Brand Community!

#2. Growing your Instagram following blog post

We published a blog post about getting more followers on Instagram.

Getting More Instagram Followers For Your Brand the Right Way

#3. “Oh dang! Creating a Brand overhauled their Instagram feed???”

That’s right. Our Instagram feed overhaul is another exciting announcement for the week. We’ve begun rolling out the next generation of our Instagram feed. We’re very proud of the images that we’ll be using moving forward.

Here’s our new IG post/template. (Yes, it’s beautiful!)

#4. Two COOL dudes you need to know about

This week we had two new people join the Creating a Brand Community. Both are at the top of their game.

First up, Ian Svoboda. He’s a web designer, developer, and strategist. He also owns a WordPress hosting company called Titan Host. (That’s who handles our hosting.)


Our other new member is Paul Tompkins. Paul is an extremely successful real estate investor and coach. He’s harder to find online but he likes it that way. He’s more than open to adding value

That’s it for us this week… I know, it’s a lot!

We’re excited about getting closer to officially launching the community and podcast. I want to say thank you to each of our members who have already joined before we’ve done any promoting. We greatly appreciate you and are excited to be part of the brand you’re creating!


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