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We exist to add value your company, brand and your personal development. We offer education through our blog, podcast and most importantly, our community.

Creating a Brand is here for you.

We launched Creating a Brand because we've noticed a serious need in the world today. Community is something we're all starving for. Alex Sanfilippo and Alecia Sanfilippo are two individuals passionate about forming community.

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Meet the Team

Alex Sanfilippo and Alecia Sanfilippo are two individuals passionate about entrepreneurship, getting the most out of life and community.

Alex Sanfilippo started his first business at the age of twelve; selling used golf balls. From there, he went on to real estate investing and a technology start up which he sold years later. For the past decade, Alex has been an executive in the aerospace industry. During his time in corporate America, he stayed active with his side hustles; which mainly consisted of conference speaking and business coaching.

Alecia Sanfilippo has been an entrepreneur since her mid-twenties. Her largest venture was owning an eCommerce and brick and mortar woman's clothing boutique. Alecia sold the boutique in 2019 and is now the manager here at Creating a Brand. Alecia is well versed in social media management, marketing and creating startup businesses. Alecia’s ultimate goal is add value to the lives of others.

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Alex Sanfilippo
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Note from Alex Sanfilippo, CEO of the Creating a Brand Community:

Many of us waste time and money while growing our brands. I know I did, even though I was trying to do the opposite. I spent money that I didn’t need to spend and wasted time that I didn’t need to waste. All because I wasn’t sure where, or even how to start or what to do next. As you can tell, I was confused and felt alone on my journey.

Over time, I was able to learn, gain traction and grow my businesses. I became a success. (Certainly not overnight.)

At this point, I became passionate to help others. I didn’t want people to struggle as I did. I began a business coaching agency and was able to help many people. However, it still didn’t feel right. I couldn’t help as many people as I wanted (there is only so many hours in the day) and other people who needed my help the most couldn’t afford it.

Then one day, I had an idea! It was an idea that I knew would help a lot of people succeed.

I launched the Creating a Brand Community! I launched this community because I want you to succeed quicker than I did.

Whether you’re just getting started or have an established brand, the Creating a Brand Community is full of like-minded entrepreneurs. We are a community that is passionate about helping you succeed on your journey.

The heart behind the Creating a Brand community is to become your primary resource for growing your business. At the same time, we want it to feel like a family/tribe. You’re not alone in what you’re creating, and you should never feel that way. Our community will help you focus on what matters, expanding your reach and create a more profitable brand. Your brand succeeding is our ultimate goal.



I’m looking forward to meeting you inside of the community,

Alex Sanfilippo
Found of CreatingaBrand.com


If you made it this far, you must be interested in joining the Creating a Brand Community. And just in case we haven't made it clear from the start, we'd love to have you!

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