Alex Sanfilippo
Leader | Podcast Host | Business Executive

Founder of and the host of the Creating a Brand Podcast. Additionally, Alex is an aerospace executive focused on business strategy and systems. Alex has been blogging/creating content since 2013 when he launched his first website which turned into a multi-author blog with more than 100 authors. Alex also owns a real estate investment company focused on buy-and-hold properties in Florida. In his free time, Alex enjoys playing soccer, working out, and spending time with Alecia Sanfilippo. (At the beach ideally!)


Reach Your Goals and Win as a Blogger in 2020

Blogging/Content Creation

Creating Culture That Drives Results

Business Development

How to Launch a Top 100 Podcast


Productivity Secrets That Lead to Success

Time Management

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website

SEO & Content Strategy

Secrets for Growing Your Instagram Following

Social Media Growth

How to Get Your Boss to Like You

Professional Development

How to Win at Networking

Community Building

Tips for Becoming a Better Public Speaker

Personal Development


Young Smart Money

Alex discusses how he was able to go from working in the back of a warehouse store room to becoming a top executive of an aerospace company, how he was able to start multiple side businesses profitably by taking control of his time, and the importance of self reflection in building your business.


Life Transformation Radio

A deep/detailed dive into the meaning behind the term, "You are the brand." In this live conversation we cover what it means to create a brand and the role you play within it!


Clarity Compressed

We get into the nitty-gritty of the brand buzzword wars going on and how great brands actually deploy not only externally, but also as a tool to align their internal operations, product launches, and, oh yeah, marketing.



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Alex is an exemplary teacher and he’s incredible at content creation! There’s very few people I consistently learn from, and Alex is one of them.

Jared Graybeal
CEO, Superfit Foods

If you’re looking for a way to learn from someone who is knowledgeable in an array of areas, this is your place! Alex is a great friend who has taught me a number of things about leadership, determination, and faithfulness. He has launched a successful blog, started his own Podcast, and has even taught publicly on those topics.

Vanessa Sheridan
Celebration Church

Alex is far beyond his years in wisdom and that shows in his ability to teach others how to succeed in so many areas. This service is nothing short of solid content and has personal experience driving it. Those who engage in it will feel successfully equipped!

Tyler LaVasseur
South Eastern University Staff


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Alex Sanfilippo is the host of the top 20 entrepreneurship podcast, Creating a Brand, and the founder of the Creating a Brand Community, an online mastermind/tribe for entrepreneurs. Alex is passionate about helping others excel in life and business. To learn more and become part of the community, visit

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