I’ve been reading and watching the highlights from Mobile World Congress (MWC18). For those of you unfamiliar with WMC18, it is a conference focused on the future of mobile technology. One of the highlights was a session about 5G. I didn’t expect to hear anything about this for years to come; but it sounds exciting, even now!
5G will have substantial improvements over 4G. It is going to be much quicker and perform better while at the same time being less spotty on mobile devices.

The improvements/upgrades are exciting! But, what I find most interesting about 5G coming out is a comment made by Sam Mallikarjunan. Sam said the following about the 5G network announcement:

“We will see less reliance on apps. More reliance on smooth native web experiences. More flexibility for rich media.”

I found this statement on the HubSpot Blog, and I couldn’t agree more with this statement from Sam! This is something that I have been saying for years now. It is the reason that the software startup that I am part of focuses on mobile browser platforms, not apps.

What does the 5G network mean for app developers?

It’s time to begin expanding the capability of your apps to a browser option/interface.

In the future, people won’t want to download apps. People already don’t want another app. What People want is to visit a website URL that has what they need. They want to be able to send that same URL to friends via text that they can immediately open and being using/viewing.

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If you’ve been thinking about developing an app, keep in mind the future 5G network. Consider what these new speeds will cause to happen in the industry.