This podcast episode is about investing in yourself. It’s about feeling less stressed and anxious. These are Rebekah Lyons rhythms of renewal for living successfully!

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Rebekah Lyons  with 4 Ways to Feel Less Stressed and Anxious:

Rebekah Lyons is a national speaker and bestselling author of multiple books. But it hasn’t always been this way for her. In fact, she told us during this episode that she wrote this book after suffering from severe panic disorder. While recovering, she found that our planet is in rhythm, our society with weeks and days are in rhythm, our bodies are in rhythm with our heartbeat and pulse.

Throughout this episode, Rebekah Lyons and I talk about the four rhythms from her book, Rhythms of Renewal. She has them broken into two categories, input rhythms (Rest & Restore) and output rhythms (Connect & Create) – Applying these 4 ways to feel less stressed and anxious will change your life.

Input Rhythms:

Rest. ? (mind, will, emotions) This has to do with sleep but also taking a day off. Take one day a week and leave your phone at home and just be intentional with your people. Disconnect from the world and connect with yourself and our family. This rest is not optional it is necessary! Here’s the importance of sleep and why you need more of it.

“You don’t have to earn rest, you run full from your rest. Rest precedes blessing. Rest more and hustle less!”

Restore. ? (This is more about our physical health.) Raising our heart rate 15 minutes or more a day. This can easily be the first thing to go when you are busy and focused on getting work done. Get quiet, is your relationship with God okay? Are you holding on to unforgiveness? Do you have growing frustrations with someone? When you’re quiet, your brain can unfold, and you will have new innovative and original ideas. But you have to break away and get quiet!

Output Rhythms:

Connect. ?‍?‍?‍? Relational health. How you handle conflict resolution. Leading with vulnerability, being the first to apologize. Physical touch and eye contact. Not holding on to unforgiveness.

Create. ? Go back to that child-like self of you. Engage your passion. What makes you feel alive?

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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Which of the 4 rhythms stood out to you the most from this episode?