Your long-term success in life and business will depend on your ability to adapt and adjust. Jenny Blake shows us how to effectively pivot your business!

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4 Steps to Effectively Pivot your Business with Jenny Blake:

❓ What is a pivot?

Jenny Blake explains that a Pivot is used to be the plan B when a business was failing, Pivots are the new plan A. A pivot is a related shift in a new direction. Imagine you have one foot grounded in your strength and vision and the other foot is looking for your next step.
The pivot mindset is “if we are not constantly looking at how am I learning, growing, or making an impact then we are at risk of getting pivoted”. We live in an unpredictable world so even if we are not set out to make a big change, sometimes change chooses us. For example, the pandemic of 2020 has pivoted all of us! We all got pivoted in some way, even if you kept your job.

Overview of the 4 stages of the pivot method:

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the idea of making a major change or adjustment in your business, just break your goal down into these small simple steps:

1. Plant
2. Scan
3. Pilot
4. Launch

By using this method instead of simply viewing a pivot as one massive single motion, you will alleviate stress and anxiety. And, this will become a lifelong practice that you will enjoy and it will lead you to more success!

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1. Plant ?

The stage of self-discovery. Think about energizes you and what are your strengths. What does success look like for you? Six months to a year from now, how do you want to feel, what kind of impact do you want to make, who are you surrounded by? This is the vision piece. Ask yourself what haven’t I thought of yet. Ask family and close friends what your top 3 strengths are.

2. Scan ?

The stage of exploration. Once you have your starting point and your desired destination, now you can look around and see what you need to learn and what skills you want to build. Who do you admire that you can follow and learn from? What would make the biggest impact on moving towards your goal? What kind of work or projects can you take on that you would be excited about?

3. Pilot ?

The stage of testing and action. A good pilot will help you answer 3 E’s do I Enjoy this area? Can I become an Expert at it? Is there room to Expand? What small experiments can you run and what real-world data can you collect?

4. Launch ? 

The stage of going all in. What is one insight or aha that you’ve had from this podcast and what is 1 next step? It doesn’t have to be perfect just take small steps and that is how you build confidence.

“Maintaining a growth mindset is critical to navigating a pivot successfully. By seeing change as an opportunity, rather than a personal shortcoming or obstacle, you will be much more likely to find creative solutions based on what excites you, rather than subpar choices clouded by fear.” – Jenny Blake

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Which of the 4 stages in the pivot method process stood out to you the most?