Connecting with people online and in-person is becoming more important for your business than ever before. “The success of your business is often determined by the connections you make.” In this episode, Michelle Tillis Lederman will share 3 of the high-level points from Michelle’s latest book, the Connectors Advantage, that will help each of us become better connectors.

Michelle Tillis Lederman with 3 Ways to Become a Great Connector :

Michelle Tillis Lederman says “I don’t consider myself lucky, I consider myself a connector.” She is a firm believer in that whatever she has is because of the relationships and connections that she has made! ???

Think about a place you have been that you feel really great about, then think about the list of people who helped you get there.

“Relationships and connecting are critical to your results, success, and happiness.”

Connector: someone who is relationship-focused in everything they do. Anyone can be a connector.

3 characteristics of a great connector:

1. Connectors are open and accepting. ?
Be accepting of other people but also yourself. Be authentic and open so that people can relate to you.
Authenticity is the core of likeability, but openness is the foundation for connection. Don’t act like someone else to relate. You can flex and make a temporary adjustment to enable the interaction to thrive with someone else, but stay true to yourself. – When we are not being real it impacts the ability of others to trust us. It immediately erodes trust!

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2. Connectors believe in abundance. ?
Scarcity is scary. Scarcity is real and tangible.
A connector does not operate out of negativity or scarcity. They have a shift in this mindset.
Instead of being jealous that someone else won a client, a connector thinks “I could probably learn something from them on how to win this client. Connectors are collaborators, not competitors. – “a rising tide raises all ships”

“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give” – Winston Churchill

3. Connectors have a generous spirit. ♻
Connecting people is a gift, it can give you a rush of excitement. This gives you a joy and a desire to connect people.
Giving can be big or small, it can be a big physical gesture, or it can be a review or kind word, or a connection.

But we must also remember to be generous to ourselves! Part of this is to understand when you need to say no and to be okay with it.

? Michelle Tillis Lederman’s final thought:

There is no natural tendency to be a connector it is all learned behaviors it is all things that anybody can infuse into their interactions. It is just a way for us to embody the prioritization of people and relationships. When you are doing this, the things that you are working towards will get to you faster, easier, and better. – that is the connectors’ advantage!

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