Want to become a better public speaker? Here are public speaking tips that will help you! In this episode of the Creating a Brand Podcast Alex Sanfilippo interviews professional public speaker, Clay Baird. We’ll start off with how he got his start with public speaking. Clay goes on to share 13 game-changing public speaking tips that you’re not going to want to miss!

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13 Game-Changing Public Speaking Tips From Clay Baird

#1. Watch the masters – Watch who you think is awesome at communicating. ? Look at the delivery, listen to the words, listen to the ton, the positivity, the style, etc.

#2. Look sharp when you’re communicating – If you look sloppy or dress inappropriately for the stage you’re on, you’re not going to be taken as seriously. Dress for the stage you’re on! ? (This isn’t exactly a public speaking tip, but it is extremely important.)

#3. Know your material – When you have an opportunity to speak, know what you’re going to say. Never wing it. Know your material and be prepared!

“Study to show yourself approved.”  – 2 Timothy 2:15

#4. Know your audience – Things need to change based on who you’re speaking to. Your stories, your posture, your volume, etc. Note that even attendance numbers should affect how you present.

#5. Don’t give it away – What Clay means by this is to NOT tell people that you’re nervous. Don’t let the whole room know that you’re uncomfortable. It’s not as noticeable as you think. When you do this, you make the whole room nervous for you.

#6. You have to relax –  ?‍♀️ This is NOT your make or break moment. People often think “If I don’t hit a home run, they’ll never invite me back.” This is wrong thinking. Don’t put home-run expectations on yourself, just focus on getting people on base.

#7. Slow your roll – One of the biggest signs of nervousness is the guy who talks really fast. If no one can keep up with you, it doesn’t matter how good your material is. Slow down and breathe!

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#8. Include storytelling in your content – You can have all the points, stats, and information in the world, but without a story, ? it will never grab your audience’s attention the same way. Add a story for your audience to digest and take a breath. (Out of the entire list of 13 Game-Changing Public Speaking Tips in this episode, this one will engage an audience the most)

#9. Keep it short and sweet – Don’t be the long speaker; you won’t get invited back. If you’re the short-winded speaker, you’ll always be invited back. (Stay on point)

#10. Your errors are okay – ✖✅ People in the audience are more willing to forgive or overlook errors than you think. Correct the error if you made one, laugh, it’s okay! Don’t focus on it or worry about it. Acknowledge it and keep moving.

#11. Ignore the naysayers – Not just the haters on social media, but also the audience. Don’t focus or look at the person who is sleeping or looks bored or not paying attention. Find people to look at that are engaged and loving what you’re saying.

#12. Stay positive – Don’t give all the bad news. Find a way to deliver positively. Even if you are sharing negative information, quickly turn it back to the positive.

#13. Don’t rely on audience response – ? You cannot judge if you’re doing a good job or not based on audience response. Don’t go into environments looking for people to applaud.

About Clay Baird:

Clay Baird is one of the speaking pastors at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition, he travels the world speaking at churches and conferences. He is also the host of his own Podcast titled, Baird & Baird. (Coming fall 2019!)

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Which of the 13 points shared spoke to you the most about public speaking?